Drain chambers

We manufacture and supply frames and covers for drain chambers, with the measurements the customer requires. We offer various models—for concreting, for concreting with a sump or with a hinged diamond plate cover and padlock hasp—and the customer can select their preferred finish (galvanised or painted).

Ventilation grilles

We manufacture, supply and install customised ventilation grilles, with different personalised finishes (galvanised or painted) and in different versions, including pipe frame, angled frame and hinged with padlock hasp.

Chimney caps

We manufacture and install customised chimney caps, essential for any building. We work in accordance with the customer’s design and specifications, or you can select an existing model. All of them are hot-rolled, galvanised and painted, to avoid corrosion, which considerably extends the useful life of the cap.


We offer a bending service for all materials and quality levels: steel, stainless steel, aluminium, etc., in accordance with the customer’s needs and specifications.

For fencing properties, plots, units and homes. We produce all types of fencing in accordance with the design and style the customer requires. This includes industrial fencing, electro-welded mesh fencing, forged fences and designer fences, all coordinated with rails and balcony.

We are official distributors of PVC fencing and enclosures from the manufacturer CAYFI.

Besides not requiring any maintenance, the different models of PVC fencing and enclosure can be used to create aesthetic property enclosures and fencing, to match the rest of the building, and let you protect your privacy.

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Glass curtains and roofs

Folding glass curtains and glass roofs will let you create new spaces in homes and porches, on hotel terraces and balconies, and anywhere else you like. They considerably increase the months when these spaces can be used. As a result of the panel folding system, you can also enjoy open spaces when the weather permits.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel has excellent properties:

  • it allows for thorough hygiene, and fast cleaning
  • there is less adherence of dirt and external agents
  • high durability
  • minimal maintenance
  • different finishes including matte, silk, shiny and vibrant
  • heat resistance.

For all these features and for highly corrosive atmospheres or environments where the surface will be subject to intensive use, stainless steel is the best solution for all types of product, including structures, doors, loading docks, drain chambers, protections, rails and anything else the customer requires.