About us

METALICAS ISCAR, S.L.U. is a family company. Since 1985 it has been offering manufacture and installation services for all types of steelwork, including:

  • Industrial units, cattle housing and farm structures.
  • Residential and industrial doors and gates, with manual and motorised operation.
  • Pedestrian gates and doors, for main entrances, storage rooms and other uses.
  • Products for use in construction, including anchor plates, guttering and profiles
  • And numerous other items, explained in detail in the products section on this website.
Metal structures and enclosures
Doors and gates

Our manufacturing activities take place at our facilities in Íscar, Valladolid, Spain. The site is more than 12,000 m², with an indoor space of 2,000 m². This houses our manufacturing machinery (saws, guillotine, folding machines and punching machines), and lifting equipment (overhead cranes and forklift) for manoeuvring raw materials. We provide installation services worldwide. To this end, we have the equipment needed to transport materials and assemble them on site (truck-mounted cranes and vans).

Our team is a vital part of all these activities. It is made up of manufacturing, assembly, office, technical, quality and management staff. All of them are fully trained and certified for the specific tasks they perform.

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Quality is important

Todo con el sello de productos con MARCADO CE, puesto que se fabrican según establecen las normas europeas de obligado cumplimiento para nuestro sector;
All our products carry the CE MARK because they are manufactured in accordance with the European standards applicable to our sector. We are:

  • AENOR (Spanish Association for Standardisation and Certification) approved manufacturers of steel structure components, in accordance with standard EN 1090-2;
  • APPLUS approved manufacturers of industrial, commercial and garage doors and gates, in accordance with standard EN 13241–12003
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Our strengths


AEICE (Innovative Business Group for Efficient Construction) is a young, dynamic cluster dedicated to the efficient construction and habitat sector.

Created in late 2012, AEICE is a tool for organising activities to promote competitiveness and transformation in the efficient construction and habitat industry, through strategic actions based on business collaboration. It is a forum for all stakeholders in the sector.

AEICE has 100 members, comprising business, professional and technological stakeholders, representing the entire habitat and construction value chain. They are working on a shared mission to grow, innovate and collaborate, based on their commitment to efficiency and sustainability in their field (+info: www.aeice.org).

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METALICAS ISCAR is an active member of the working group Equipment (Contract) GT-EC. This group aims to foster collaboration between businesses working in complimentary sectors, through different types of innovation, and to develop a complete, viable range of products and services, through cooperation. This takes place within the context of equipment for communal areas, with special focus on internationalisation projects (contract tenders). It currently comprises businesses from different sectors.

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